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Dog Agility Hurdle Set

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Dog Agility Hurdles are fun on their own or to add to your agility course range. This is a great beginner item to teach your dog to jump over hurdles. Training your dogs is a great bonding exercise to do with your dog. It's also good exercise for your dog to get them moving. The hurdles can be easily set up at the dog park or in your backyard.

The hurdles include three jumps, and each jump consists of two cones and the jump bar that goes between the cones. The cones feature three different jump heights to suit different sized dogs. The jump pole can be pulled apart into three pieces for easy storage.

Dog Agility Hurdle Measurements

Cone Height = 29cm

Jump Bar Length = 151cm

Jump Height 1 = 6cm
Jump Height 2 = 13.5cm
Jump Height 3 = 20.5cm


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